Class Rooms


In order to achieve the expectations as stated in our mission, Lecture-discussion pedagogy used in the Classrooms is IT enabled and most of the class room are in suite with LCD projector, OHP, Sound System. CIT has spacious and well ventilated lecture halls equipped with comforting furniture.


The College has made provision for Tutorial Rooms wherein the students are housed in small groups. Such close and focused interaction with the faculty gives ample opportunities to the students to get rid of their fears and solve their queries related to different subject areas.


CIT has huge and spacious, airy, ventilated, well furnished, modernized and fully air conditioned classrooms which can comfortably accommodate large number of students. The Class room creates healthy atmosphere for the students and are well lit and echo- proof to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Classrooms are designed for conventional lectures and group discussions. These facilities create an ideal atmosphere well suited for teaching-learning process.