Computer Labs

College has state-of-the-Art, fully Air-Conditioned computer labs equipped with the latest soft wares and connected to the latest accessories and services and other gadgets under one roof. A High Speed internet and Multimedia tools allow the students and the faculty to interact in an environment to create a new and vibrant academic milieu. The central Computer Centre have well equipped with power-driven Projection System and Audio conferencing system.


The labs are set to create specialist environment required for students of Engineering. Computer Centre supports Core 2 Duo Nodes and High End Servers connected through latest switches. Internet and Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum and global requirements, along with latest operating systems, allowing the students not only to develop their skills but also access the internet for convenient internal as well as external communication with the cyber world, the college provides free access to Internet to its students through 512 kbps connectivity, the local Intranet, a 10 MBPS switched network, is  provide an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities. Other peripherals such as Laser and Dot Matrix printers, Scanners etc. also support the needs of the users.


  • Completely Wi-Fi Campus
  • 45 Mbps of bandwidth for internet with dedicated leased line
  • Powerful servers for 100% redundancy and efficient data management
  • High end firewall security featured network
  • Central Computing Lab Facility
  • 24hrs Power Back Up -1000 KVA of online uninterrupted power supply(UPS)