CIT has a very spacious, modern library which is extremely rich in resources for learning, research and general awareness. The library with its calm, pleasant and ideal setting is a real treat for the learner. Moreover the fully ventilated and air-cooled ambiance stimulates the intellectual dimension of the students. The explosion of scientific and technical information and the advent of computing, networking, and multimedia technologies has transformed the Library from a building of books to a learning and information centre.


  • DELNET (Online Catalogue) which enables the students and staff to search the availability request and reserve various books and other reference material available in the libraries at the comfort of their houses.


  • Periodical & Newspaper Section: Library holds a very rich collection of relevant periodicals, magazines and newspapers. Library resources are costly and often rare.


  • Reference section: Reference section occupies a place of pride at Chartered Institute of Technology and is an essential component of the college’s outstanding research and education has eclectic collections of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROM’s, research reports.


  • Supplementary facilities are also provided to its users like online access to national and international Journals, research paper sand databases and data analysis software, etc. in all areas of study in all disciplines.


  • The library has a good collection of Project reports, rare Books, besides these, there are books for the preparation of GATE, GRE, MAT, SAT, TOEFL Examinations