Online Workshop on Data Science

Data Science is a detailed study of the flow of information from the colossal amounts of data present in an organization’s repository. It involves obtaining meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data which is processed through analytical, programming, and business skills.

Machine Learning is one of the most important areas of Data Science. By using Machine Learning a machine or a computer can learn from the training data and apply the learning on test data

Machine Learning is the core subarea of artificial intelligence. It makes computers get into a self-learning mode without explicit programming. When fed new data, these computers learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves. The concept of machine learning has been around for a while now. However, the ability to automatically and quickly apply mathematical calculations to big data is now gaining a bit of momentum.

Machine learning has been used in several places like the self-driving Google car, the online recommendation engines – friend recommendations on Facebook, offer suggestions from Amazon, and in cyber fraud detection.

CSE branch in association with Coding Blocks conducted an interactive session on Data Science & Machine Learning.
This session is being taken by Mr. Mohit Uniyal. He is a Mentor@Tensorflow at Google Code-In & an instructor and product engineer at Coding Blocks.
This session will be covered topics such as Why Data Science and ML is important; Basics of Data Science and Machine Learning; Face Detection using Computer Vision and many more.

This was an E-Certified webinar which influenced students to learn machine learning and data science in detail by many platforms so that they can utilize the lockdown period in gaining much more knowledge and enhancing their skills.