Webinar on Big Data & Working Abroad

Big Data  Brochure: WebinarBigData

Big Data is everywhere. Several industries ranging from technology to finance to governments want to use Big Data Analysis techniques for knowledge discovery. Tools and techniques have been developed recently to handle various aspects of Big Data Analysis such as data aggregate tools, scalable storage, efficient retrieval, and faster analysis. It is important to get the awareness of this recent development in the area of Big Data Analytic tools and techniques.This course will look at the software and algorithms designed for coping with Big Data.We will train participant to get practical knowledge for Big Data Analysis.

This was an open webinar where everyone was allowed to be a part of it through registering themselves without any charges.It was conducted by Mr. Aneesh Kohli Big Data Engineer
Amazon Web Services,Dublin (Ireland) and Ms. Chandana Ramesh Big Data Analyst Amazon Web Services Dublin (Ireland).

The webinar was aimed at the multi- facet audience from UG / PG Students and academicians from
Engineering & Science colleges.Scientists/ Researchers/ Academicians/ Techenthusiasts keen to learn and adopt Big Data tools.

This was a live web session conducted on platform Google Meet and participants including and excluding CIT Family were allowed to participate without any cost.

The topics covered in this session was:
1. Data Collections,
2. Scalable Storage,
3. Faster Retrieval Techniques,
4. Efficient Data Analysis, and
5. Security Concern in Big Data Applications and many more.

It was a very benificial webinar and further stay tuned for be a part of more.