Coding Club

The coding club at CIT is followed by a group of students in CIT aims to interact with like-minded peers and explore the world of computer science. They are driven by their passion for coding and hunger to learn, which has helped the club scale new heights.

Coding Club helps members gain in-depth knowledge of coding. This helps them immensely during placements and can also bring laurels to the institution through various national and international programming contest. The club helps members develop an aptitude for logical thinking and visualizing a problem from various perspectives and creating multiple innovative solutions The country as a whole requires a lot more coders for it to achieve the goal of a ‘Digital India’. The club is doing its bit to help the country pursue this goal.

Club representatives

Co-ordinator:- Ms. Neha Parashar
President:- Awanish chaurasiya
Vice president:-Yashmala Kothari