Chartered Institute of Technology is an initiative by Gyan Raman Charitable Trust. CIT believes in revolutionizing the conventional pattern of teaching through fresh ideas and innovations in the present education system. We intend to deliver quality education by seamlessly integrating technology with academics..

CIT commits itself to prepare aspiring individuals for facing the challenges of the global world. The amalgamation of the finest training procedures and brilliant methods of inculcating professional ethics along with development of individuals pursuits make the nucleus of at CIT. The experts of various fields are constantly working at CIT to create learning environment that leads to an overall development of young aspirants enabling them to achieve their goals and bloom in to influential personalities..

CIT is set at a location which is not only awe inspiring for tourist but delightfully conducive to students. Set in Mount Abu natural magnificence with a strong aim imparting quality education, Chartered Institute of Technology is the place to nurture aspirations. The location of CIT is ideal for serious pursuits of professionals studies. The Institute is situated in foothills of Mount Abu. Easily approachable distance from the city of Abu road.